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Let's find out why pork is forbidden ?

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The blessings of fasting on the day of Arafat

Eid Mubarak , Arafat will be tomorrow Saturday Nov 5th, 2011, it is highly recommended to fast during this day. Let's find out why ? Fasting on the day of Arafat is a true blessing and a means of great forgiveness for all who undertakes it and there is no doubt that we should all try our best to fast on this blessed day which is Tomorrow (Saturday the 5 Th  of November 2011) The Prophet (saw) says: “Be content with the fact that  Allah will expiate for your sins for a whole year before the day of Arafat and the year after the day of Arafat”! [Saheeh Muslim] “There is no day on which Allah frees more people from the Fire than the day of Arafat. He comes close and expresses His pride to the angels saying, ‘What do these people want?’” [Saheeh Muslim] However whoever is at Arafat as a pilgrim then fasting is not expected of him as the Prophet (SAW) stopped at Arafat to eat. May Allah give us the strength to fast , accept our fast and forgive our sins  ameen.
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