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Refinement of Character by Imam Sykes ( English / Spanish )

Imam Abdurrahman Sykes

Hailing from North Carolina, Imam Sykes was a lay speaker preparing for a life of Christian ministry. He left the church for a time of reflection and spent 6 years in South Africa working to end Apartheid. A self-realization and personal actualization trainer, he entertained all race groups in the same class room. In 1987 Sykes embraced Islam. He completed his undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of North Carolina with honors. He served three internships in the Oaks Psychiatric Hospital and devoted 3 years as a Guardian ad Litem, advocating for abused children. In 1998 he was the Host of “The Islamic Message,” a series of 50 television shows. Imam Sykes served 11 years in the North Carolina Department of Corrections and has retired after eight years from the Federal Bureau of Prisons as a Chaplain advocating for the rights of least restrictive religious practice for the incarcerated. There he facilitated the practice of approximately 23 fait…