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Islam empower women

Dr. Jackie Y. Ying is totally owning it in the field of nanotechnology, which is why she was featured on Science’s instagram as #WCW! Born in Taipei, Ying earned her bachelor’s degree in engineering from Cooper Union and her master’s degree and PhD from Princeton University. At the age of 35, she became the youngest full professor at MIT, but moved on to become the first executive director of the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology in Singapore. Ying has written over 290 articles and has 120 patents to her name in the field of nanotechnology, with topics ranging from “Using Green Tea Nanocomplex to Fight Cancer,” to “Cost-Effective Substrates for the Scalable Expansion of Human Stem Cells Under Chemically Defined Conditions.” As a practicing Muslim, she gives back by mentoring Muslim youth who are interested in science via Mendaki’s Project Protégé. How cool is that?! #Science #Nanotechnology #Singapore #PrincetonUniversity