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Islam4mankind invite you to it's weekly radio program from 1:05 to 2 pm

Greeting of peace , Salam today Thursday inchaallah ( Godwilling ) Islam4mankind weekly program will air from 1:05 to 2 pm central time.

Tune in ask questions , get involved be a voice of reason , unity and peace. All faiths or no faith are welcome to call us and participate , you may call during our live broadcast 407 343 6001 or call Asssalam Radio at 407 544 0115

Today Imam Saad will continue discussing prophet Moses from an Islamic perspective, get your Bible , Quran ready

Our beloved audience Islam4mankind is delighted to share our commonality first as human beings second we have more in common than difference

The U.S. Government sent its first official communication to the Sultan of Morocco in December 1780. It read:
We the Congress of the 13 United States of North America, have been informed of your Majesty's favorable regard to the interests of the people we represent, which has been communicated by Monsieur Etienne d'Audibert Caille of Sale, Consul of Foreign nations un…