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Support freedom in Egypt

Dear Amnesty International , respected Americans , justice and human-rights supporters:

" We stand by you in solidarity to call on our great nation, The United States of America and all nations to support freedom in Egypt and around the World , the peaceful rally demonstrated in Liberty Square and now derailed by the Hosni Mubarak paid supporters resulted in disrespect to human dignity , international laws , detainment and violence towards human- rights activists, among them our respected Amnesty International staff ( please see ) .
We call on all News agency to bring an accurate report about the situation in Egypt to stop the unethical , inhumane , undemocratic behavior of Hosmi Mubarak regime that abuse the civil rights of not only its citizens, but also Amnesty International staff and other human-rights activists. " by Rachid Mahdi, Council on American-Islamic Relations Orlando chapter

* Stand in solidarity with people across the Middle…

Say no to violence , Say yes to freedom of religion ( Click this title to see the video )