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Climate change , environment and what's our responsabilty toward preserving it ?

Xiuhtezcatl, Indigenous Climate Activist at the High-level event on Climate Change

Let us read the following article :A general introduction to Islam’s attitude toward the universe, natural resources, and the relation between man and nature.
By Dr. A. Bagader, Dr. A. El-Sabbagh, Dr. M. Al-Glayand, and Dr. M. Samarrai (edited by
God has created everything in this universe in due proportion and measure both quantitatively and qualitatively.  God has declared in the Quran: “Verily, all things have We created by measure” (Quran 54:49) “…Everything to Him is measured.” (Quran 13:8) “And We have produced therein everything in balance.” (Quran 55:7) In the universe there is enormous diversity and variety of form and function.  The universe and its various elements fulfill human welfare and are evidence of the Creator’s greatness; He it is Who determines and ordains all things, and there is not a thing He has created but celebrates and declares His praise. “Have you not seen…