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Give thanks and be happy to be alive : lesson from Hurricane Irma

What lessons have we learnt from recent hurricane Irma , how fragile life can be , how life is so short , so Cherish your moments with your family and friends and enjoy every day. Thank God on every breath of life we have . Alhamduallah 
Take this time that your life have being extended to a finite number of unknown days of life to give thanks to your creator who give you life , there is so many things we take for granted 
When you're out on a family outing, put your phone aside , take a moment to ponder over the nature around you, when you're playing games, be kind and gentle with the youth and respectful and humble with the elders, when you're remembering the good times, take a moment to be thankful and content . Say thank you Allah , say thanks my parents , my family , my friends and everyone I encounter on my entire life . 
Don't be shy to express thankfulness, appreciation and ask for forgiveness . 
Tell the people you love I love you 
Please forgive me 
Thank you