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A message from Iqra about Ashura

Assalamu-Alaikum and Greetings ! Ashura of Muharram With Ashura at our doorsteps, this is a reminder for you to fast the two days of Ashura on the 9th and 10th of Muharram (or 10th and 11th of Muharram 1436 AH). Per Makkah calendar, 9th and 10th of Muharram correspond to  Sunday and  Monday, 2nd  and  3rd of November, 2014 . Another point to note for the month of Muharram is the authentic hadith by the prophet mentioned in Sahih Muslim (hadith # 1163) where he (s.a.w.s.) says,  "The best fasting after Ramadan is the month of Allaah Muharram, and the best prayer after the obligatory prayer is prayer at night." Do let others know about this so they, too, can fast on the two days of Muharram as instructed to us by our prophet (sa.w.s.) For those looking to refresh their understanding and background on Ashura and how the Ashura observances for Sunni Muslims are different from those of Shia Muslims,  you can click on the link and review the post at the end of this