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Islamophobia and its cure

Please watch the following video that address Islamophobia industry which manufacture hate.

 let the conversation begin with open mind after we watch these view videos :

MEDIA EFFECT ON PEOPLE – STEREOTYPE One of the most common causes of racism is stereotypes. Through all the sources of mass media such as television, radio, the internet, music, book and other social media outlets.... The potential for stereotypes to build are of a definite possibility when a person, especially one that is very young, is exposed to stereotypes of a specific group especially Muslims always being porttrayed negatively , unjustly all the time, then viewers or readers  will assume all Muslims are that way. Likewise, when a source is constantly displaying negative things about a particular race, then that will affect the overall opinions as well. This is also inline with the media representation theory which state that media tend to only project one version of reality, not reality itself and how a particula…