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Jesus , an Islamic perspective by Islam4mankind weekly Radio cohost Imam Saad

Prophet Isa (Jesus) PBUH Radio 01/10/2013 part 1
Allah , God the creator of the heavens , created this vast universe and it`s dwellers for one purpose , and that purpose is more noble and more lofty than most people imagine, people in their nature tend to think that they were put on this earth so that they can live life , amass wealth , eat , drink and enjoy pleasures, and when it is time to go, well it is time to go, at least we would have lived large and enjoyed every moment of it, either neglecting or being oblivious to the reason for their creation. But the fact of the matter is , we were put on this earth, to worship our creator and to be tested in that worship , are we worthy of the real life that we were created for or are we not. I mean let`s think about it just using logic, that is it make sense that this universe , and this earth in it's magnitude , beauty and bounties was made to host our species , and for us just to come to it and live a maximum of 60 to a hundred yea…