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Media unfair and biased discourse about Islam :

Thank You, Bill Maher, for Proving Islamophobia is real  By Zainab Chaudry If there’s one issue these days that unites self-identifying liberal and conservative political pundits who otherwise can never seem to agree on anything, it’s bashing Islam. Last week, stand-up comedian and political commentator Bill Maher invited a scholar on religion, Reza Aslan, as a guest on his HBO talk show “Real Time” and proceeded to lambast him with inaccurate generalizations regarding the status and treatment of women in Islam. Specifically, Maher wrongly painted female genital mutilation (FGM) as “an Islamic problem” and alleged that Islam does not respect the rights of women. Had Maher researched and familiarized himself with the origins of FGM, he would know that this barbaric practice predates the birth of Islam and, in fact, stems from cultural practices rooted in certain segments of religiously diverse populations in Africa. One of the most common reasons why Islam is so oft