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Islam4mankind weekly radio every Thursday from 1:07 to 2 pm : Tomorrow topic Halloween deception

Islam4mankind would like to think our audience and radio listeners worldwide, as per your request tomorrow radio show will talk about Halloween deception .

Islam4mankind  weekly one hour program  every Thursday will be as usual on English / Spanish / Arabic , you may call ( 407 343 6001 ) to ask questions on any of these respected  languages of your choice.

Tune in tomorrow  Thursday  to your favorite weekly radio program Islam4mankind that will be discussing Halloween deception. The show  will be broadcasted  live from Radio station 1220am from 1:07 to 2 pm.

People of different faiths or no faith   are welcome to  call  407 343 6001 to participate live on the show , we ask our dear callers to be respectful to both the audience and all faiths , thanks.

Halloween radio show from Rachid Mahdi

HOLIDAY MYTHS BY SHAYKH ABDULLAH HAKIM QUICKWhere Does Halloween Come from ?   the link to listen live online .

Halloween an article by Islam

Where Does Halloween Come from?

Halloween has evolved and been influenced by a number of different cultures and religions, the most important of which are paganism, the Romans, the Celts (the people of Ireland, Scotland, Britain, Wales) and Christianity. However, almost all of the traditions surrounding Halloween as we know it today can be traced back to the Celtic Day of the Dead, a pagan holiday. Samhain was the name of the Druid god of the dead. The Druids were a religious order amongst the Celts. On this day, they would try to appease their Lord of Death. These Druids also believed that witches rode on broom sticks and that ghosts were the cause of supernatural occurrences. The belief was that on the eve of the Celtic New Year (which for them was October 31), the souls of the dead people roamed the land of the living. The Devil, spirits and witches were also believed to be moving about and at the height of their power. Halloween was also a time for MAJOR Shirk (making partners with All…