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Racism has no place in the land of freedom

May Allah guide Barry West and open his heart to see the beauty of Islam . The light of truth is far more stronger and everlasting than ignorance and hate speech . 

We demand an apology. This is insensitive and hateful. Call Coffee County Commissioner Barry West and demand an apology for this outrageous post. Phone number:
Middle TN commissioner's Barry West  Facebook post frightens Muslims
Racism in the media, Terrorism has no religion.

the following is reported by Heidi Hall :

The Coffee County commissioner who posted an anti-Muslim meme on his Facebook page said he doesn't understand why he's being "singled out" for doing that.

A number of local and national Islamic advocacy groups are calling for an apology from Commissioner Barry West after he posted a picture of a man aiming a gun. The words over it say, "How to wink at a Muslim."

Responding to an emailed request for comment, Barry West wrote: "No I did not Twitter this .... no I did…